Liam Dickson

Software Development Engineer

Liam Dickson

Working to develop my skills as a software engineer by tackling large-scale problems in software.

Work Experience

AWS Lambda

August, 2019 - Present

I have started in my new position as an SDE II on the AWS Lambda Data Plane team. On this team we work on improving latency and availability…

Amazon - Spark

May, 2017 - August, 2019

SDE at Amazon. Worked on back-end systems to support a social shopping application for the Amazon retail website.

Amazon - Seller Pricing

August, 2016 - May, 2017

SDE at Amazon. I worked on the seller pricing team in Amazon Marketplace.

May, 2015 - August, 2015

Internship at where I worked as a front-end developer for the user experience.

UTC Aerospace Systems

May, 2013 - February, 2015

Internship at United Technologies where I worked on development of the F-15 weapons control system called the PACS (Programmable Armament Control Set).

University of Connecticut: BECAT

January, 2013 - May, 2016

HPC Cluster Support at the Booth Engineering Center for Advanced Technology at the University of Connecticut.


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